Council Notices

Penrice Community Council posts notices to the public on this website and on its display boards throughout the area.

The regular notices for forthcoming meetings are posted to the Council Meetings page.

Occasional notices to advertise vacancies on the Council and to advise or consult on planned actions are included here.


PCC Notice of Audit Conclusion for Year Ending 31st March 2019

The PCC Audit was successfully concluded to the required timetable in September 2019.
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Notice of Electors' Rights re PCC Audit for Year Ending 31st March 2019

Electors' Rights to review accounts between 1st and 26th July 2019 and to make representations to Auditor General.
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Declaration of Result of Poll for Horton Ward 2017

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to accept the appointment at a Community Council meeting within the next two weeks.

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Candidate List for Horton Ward Election 2017

Public Notice Confirming Adoption of Code of Conduct 2017

Public Notice of 2017 Election for Penrice Community Council

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Public Notice of 2017 Election for City & County of Swansea including Gower Ward

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Share Feedback on Community Projects

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