Councillors are sharing information and seeking feedback about the proposed merger of local Community Councils.


Meetings at Horton Village Hall (Monday 1st July 2024 8:30pm) and Oxwich & Penrice Hall (Tuesday 2nd July 7:30pm).


Sharing information on security - at home and online.

Home Security

The following is advice from various reliable sources:

Lock external doors including porch, conservatory and patio doors. Do not leave keys in locks.
Lock windows, especially overnight.
Lock & secure sheds & outbuildings and use curtains or otherwise cover windows.
Lock garden gates.
Secure oil tanks.
Do not leave valuables or keys on display inside or out.
Review insurance. Keep a record of valuables - photograph, note serial numbers. Consider marking property with UV.
Consider a burglar alarm & ensure it's working properly.
Consider CCTV & ensure it's turned on and recording, particularly overnight.
Be discrete about plans to be away - in person & online - but work with neighbours to be vigilant.
Report suspicious activity.

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Coronavirus: For information relating to Penrice Community Council and to the Community during the COVID-19 outbreak see this page.

Coronavirus: For information published by Swansea Council relating to the COVID-19 outbreak see Coronavirus Help.

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Next Scheduled Meeting: The next ordinary meeting is will be at 7:30pm on 30th June 2022. Meetings are open to local residents at Horton Village Hall and remotely through zoom. Zoom is available as a back-up if the meeting cannot be held at the hall.

Audit 2020-2021: The Audit has been completed without any qualification.

Audit 2021-2022: The Annual Return will be completed at the PCC meeting of the 30th June 2022. The following has been issued and posted on this website:
Notice of Appointment of the Date for the Exercise of Electors’ Rights 2022

Local Events Now:The local elections and community council elections took place on Thursday 5th May 2022. The Penrice Wards were not contested and the persons elected for Horton Ward, Oxwich Ward and Penrice Ward were confirmed wc 11.04.2022. The resultant vacancy will be filled by cooption. See Notice of Cooption.