The PCC can help preserve and enhance biodiversity in our area, directly and through the local community.

This page is being developed to cover:

Biodiversity in the Community
Managing PCC Land for Biodiversity
PCC Biodiversity Plan
Resources & Activities

Biodiversity in the Community

The PCC has considered a scheme to distribute native trees for planting by local householders.

Managing PCC Land for Biodiversity

The PCC has invited a local speaker to discuss how Horton Green and the Green at Oxwich Green can be managed for biodiversity.

The PCC will consider other external guidance such as Plantlife Guide for Managing Grassland.

PCC Biodiversity Plan

The PCC Biodiversity Plan for 2020 includes:

Considering requirements of legislation and related guidance.
Considering guidance from national and local sources.
Developing & implementing scheme for managing PCC land.
Developing & implementing projects in the community.
Engaging local people to help identify ideas and priorities.