Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Penrice Community Council held
on Wednesday 11th December 2013 at Oxwich and Penrice Community Hall at 7.30pm


Members Present                       Councillor M Barnett

                                                       Councillor M Williams

Councillor A Glass

Councillor J Ellis

Councillor G Roberts

Councillor J Bowen

Councillor B Richards


100/13                          Apologies for Absence.


Cllr T Methuen-Campbell


101/13                         Declarations of Interest.


Horton Cllrs M Barnett, J Ellis, G Roberts and B Richards declared their interests in an item to be discussed under planning for three new developments on land known as the ‘old tennis courts’ located in Horton and situated next to the Hayes.  The CCS had previously granted a dispensation for this item to enable these Councillors to speak during this item, and this would remain in effect at this meeting.


The Chair proposed that the Council suspend standing orders to alter the order of business to allow Ant Flannigan to give a presentation to members.  Unanimous.


102/13                         Gower Power Community Co-operative –Mr Anthony Flannagan will be giving

a short presentation about two community projects we have been developing.


Mr Flannigan gave a brief overview of Gower Power and how it was formed and who was involved.


Points raised;

1                Trying to set up community farming.

2                The site was located in Ilston.

3                To grow local organic produce

4                15 acres of land in Ilston with 5 acres of this would have 4000 Photovoltaic panels in them and sheep would be grazed between these.

5                The site cannot be seen from most areas, apart from one footpath nearby.

6                Grant applied for from WAG.

7                The initial grant would be for a technical developer to do a feasibility study.

8                Would ensure that the land would have a better yield.

9                If the community group could raise the money needed to set this up then there would be a decent return to investors.

10           Would be a community owned scheme.

11           Mr Flannigan was the co-owner of the scheme and owned the land.

12           Tom O’Kane has experience in this form of farming and would be working with the group Jan and Feb.

13           Also being considered was a second site not in Gower but in Swansea.

14           People were being sought who had specialist skills to help to develop the scheme.

15           1 mw – average output.  A 33  kV line would need to be laid to the site.  A small substation would have to be built to support this.

16           Capital needed £1,200 000 to set up.  £130 000per year payback.

17           May need CCTV for insurance purposes.

18           Planning has not been applied for yet as more money needs to be raised for more feasibility studies.  More public consultation will be done in Feb and possibly planning application in March.

Mr Flanningan was thanked for his presentation.


103/13                         To confirm the minutes of the Meeting held 20th November 2013.


Cllr G Roberts proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of events, seconded Cllr J Bowen, carried unanimously.


104/13                         Matters arising from the minutes.


Item 89/13

OVWales – have been advised that Cllr J Ellis is temporary representative.


Item 90/13

A letter of thanks from the Art Group for the proposed support of its artist in September 2014.


Item 93/13

The tree on Oxwich Green  - The Clerk trying to get the Council to visit the area to advise if we can remove this.


Item 96/13

The Atlantic Array proposal has been withdrawn.


Item 95/13

Awaiting response from CCS


Item 97/13

We had been advised that we had been allocated a grit bin but were still awaiting delivery.


Item 97/13

Benches – Cllr M Barnett to inspect and report back next meeting.


Item 97/13

Pot holes – Cllr A Glass had sent an e mail awaiting response.


105/13                         Community Councils


OVWales minutes of recent meeting   - Noted


106/13                         Correspondence




107/13                         Financial.


Council had been sent the figures prior to the meeting to consider. 


Each item of the budget was discussed and if any over or underpayments on this financial period considered and properly adjusted and following this the budget was set for year 2014-2015.


Proposed Cllr G Roberts seconded Cllr A Glass, carried unanimously.


The precept was set at £10,000

Proposed Cllr A Glass, seconded Cllr G Roberts, carried unanimously.


Clerk Salary and Expenses   £395.62

Cllr M Barnett proposed to pay, seconded Cllr G Roberts carried unanimously.



108/13                         Planning.


Application no; 2013/1322   Mrs S Mumby   ‘The Old Tennis Courts’  Land adjacent to The Haven Horton

Amended plans to the proposal for three new detached dwellings and associated works


Horton Cllrs were still covered by the dispensation granted by the CCS.


The amended plans had been viewed in detail by Cllr A Glass.

With the changes there would be more impact on the Haven than on the original application.

The problem of the sewer seemed to have been addressed with the move of the house in question and it is possible that a diversion order for the sewer will be applied for.


The plots had been moved South and plot 1 and 2 had been redefined.


Plot 1 was now even closer to ‘The Haven’ this it was agreed increased the adverse impact on the residents of this property.


The larger ‘Farmhouse’ had been made marginally smaller and had also moved South and therefore would increase also the adverse impact on the residents of ‘Talbot Lodge’. 


Cllr M Barnett, G Roberts, J Ellis and B Richards withdrew from the meeting at this point.

Cllr M Williams took the Chair.



To object to the application due to all the previous reasons except the sewer if the original problem had been addressed.  The main reason was that the now the increased adverse impact on the residents of the Haven and also Talbot Lodge.


Proposed Cllr A Glass seconded Cllr J Bowen, carried unanimously.


Cllr M Barnett re-took the Chair.


109/13                         The PCC Website


Cllr J Ellis reported :


An invoice had been drawn up to satisfy the grant requirements and safeguard the money.


The Domain name needed to be decided. A few were considered.





110/13                         Public Questions relating to the agenda.  (limited to 10 minutes)




111/13                         Date and venue of next meeting.


15th January 2013   Horton Village Hall



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