Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Penrice Community Council held
on Wednesday 20th November 2013 at Horton Village Hall at 7.30pm


Members Present                       Councillor M Barnett

                                                       Councillor M Williams

Councillor A Glass

Councillor J Ellis

Councillor G Roberts

Councillor J Bowen

Councillor R Lewis

Councillor B Richards


84/13                            Apologies for Absence.




85/13                           Declarations of Interest.


Councillor B Richards declared an interest in Items to be discussed under Planning App. No 2013/1461 and App no. 2013/1440  due to being the owner of Bank Farm and friend of the applicant of Eastern Slade Farm.


Councillor R Lewis declared an interest in all Items to be discussed under Planning due to being a Member of the CCS Area 2 Planning Committee.


Councillor J Bowen declared an interest in Item App no. 2013/1440 Eastern Slade Farm due to being a direct neighbour.


Councillor M Williams declared an interest in Item App no. 2013/1440 Eastern Slade Farm due to being related to the applicant.


86/13                           To confirm the minutes of the Meeting held 16th October 2013.


Cllr R Lewis queried the procedure that the PCC used to respond to the CCS regarding planning applications.  He was advised that the PCC use the correct procedure and that the Council decision is sent to the CCS by the Clerk.  A brief discussion followed regarding the CCS site visits.


Cllr A Glass proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of events, seconded Cllr G Roberts, carried unanimously.


87/13                           Matters arising from the minutes.




88/13                           Community Councils


1                      Cllr J Bowen advised that she would like to resign from the representative of OVW Area Committee. Following a discussion Council decided that Councillor J Ellis would help to cover the position on a temporary basis and the Council also considered to share the role between a few Members.  Clerk to advise OVW                                                                                                                                                           SC


89/13                           Correspondence






90/13                           Financial.


1                      Oxwich Art Group  - Request for funding to support a visiting artist Sept 2014.

Following a discussion the Council decided in principle to support the group and offer a donation up to £150.  Council asked that the Art Group be made aware that the Council sometimes requires to see the accounts of anyone that they offer a donation to and the Group contact them for the payment next year when it is needed.                                                                           SC





2                      Clerk salary                                         410.51

3                      SLCC Annual membership                 87.00                                      


Cllr J Bowen proposed to pay, seconded Cllr G Roberts carried unanimously.



91/13                           Planning.


Cllrs R Lewis and B Richards had declared an interest in this part of the meeting and withdrew.


A          Application no 2013/1461

                        Caravan Rally   Bank Farm Horton


Council decided to submit the normal comment that there was no objection to the application providing that the CCS are monitoring the total number of caravans in Gower at any one time and that this amount is not detrimental to the area and the residents who live there.


B          Application no 2013/1440

                        Mr and Mrs E Beynon, Eastern Slade Farm, Oxwich


General comments received from the public were positive and locals thought that it may force a tidy up of the area.


Cllrs M Williams and J Bowen had declared an interest in this part of the meeting and withdrew.


Council considered the plans and following a discussion decided to support the application. 

Proposed Cllr G Roberts, seconded Cllr A Glass carried unanimously.


Cllrs M Williams, J Bowen and B Richards re-joined the meeting.


C         Application no 2013/1513

                        Mr and Mrs Viney, Millwood Lodge, Penrice.


Council decided to support the application.


D         Application no 2013/1439

                        Chalet located in Oxwich Leisure Park, occupancy to be extended from 8 to 10 months.


Council decided that there was no comment.






92/13                           The PCC Website


Cllr J Ellis reported :


A draft of the website had been sent to Cllrs for their consideration prior to the meeting.

All the legal requirements had been included on the site.  The Clerk had met with Cllr Ellis and apart from minor suggestions the website was all suitable and easy to use. 


Council needed to decide a name.  Following a discussion on possibilities Council decided the name should be     ‘penricecc.gov.uk’  


All members thought the site was excellent and were happy with all of it.


Cllr J Ellis would continue to refine the site and hopefully it will be operational soon.



93/13                           The Trees on Oxwich Green and the Children’s Swing.


A rope swing keeps getting tied to the trees on the green, and one of the trees has been damaged.


Cllr M Williams has removed the swing for safety reasons.    Council considered the options and decided to ask Steve Lucocq of the CCS to visit and assess the situation with a view of removing the damaged tree.


Clerk to pass Cllr M Williams e mail to Mr Lucocq in order to progress this.                                     SC/MW


94/13                           The Oxwich Beach Sign.


Originally Cllr G Roberts was dealing with Cllr T Methuen-Campbell regarding this sign, and the RNLI had become involved in the discussions.


Following a discussion, Cllr G Roberts to progress this with Cllr T Methuen-Campbell again in order to have this in place by the next season.                                                                                                       GR /TMC



95/13                           A Proposed Community Project funded by the PCC all ideas welcomed.


A poster had been printed for the purpose of asking the public for ideas for a community project.  This had been distributed.


Some ideas were wild flowers, poppy seeds, maps of the houses in the area.


Clerk to contact David Phillips,  CCS to see if seeds are available to buy                                        SC


The village maps could be put online.

Reynoldston had cut back the gorse and now it looked much better.


Await to see what other ideas are received with a view to deciding the project early next year.









96/13                           Atlantic Array


The Chair advised that the most affected areas would be North Devon and Lundy Island.


The majority of people that had voiced a view were against the proposed wind farm.  The CCS are against the proposal also.  Should the PCC have a view?


Points that were considered;

The amount of energy that is produced is not that much.

Nuclear is more effective, but this was going to take a long time to use this method.

There are currently in development under-water turbines to harness the tidal power and these would be less obtrusive and generate more power.

Why can’t this site be further out so it would not have so much impact on local residents?.

It is within 6 miles of Lundy.


Council agreed that they had discussed this enough.


97/13                           Cllrs Reports and Questions


1          A grit bin had been requested for Horton and Cllr G Roberts had offered his services to coordinate where it is located and ensure that it is used effectively. He had sent his telephone number to the CCS.

2          Reports of damage to one of the benches had been received.  The Chair to inspect all benches and report back next meeting.                                                                 MB

3          The proposed wind farm in Felindre was discussed.

It was felt that if the PCC had not objected to the Atlantic Array they could not really object to this application. 

It was proposed that the PCC do not act on the application, 4 voted in favour and 3 were against.  Decided that the Council do not act on the application.

4                          Proposed Solar Farm located in a field in Ilston.  Invited to give a short presentation at the December meeting, agreed.                                                                                             SC

5                          Pot holes – These were becoming a problem in the area again.  Cllr J Bowen to send contact details to Cllr Glass to resolve.                                                                                               JB/AG            


98/13               Public Questions relating to the agenda.  (limited to 10 minutes)




99/13                           Date and venue of next meeting.


11th December 2013   Oxwich and Penrice Community Hall



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