Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Penrice Community Council held
on Wednesday 19th June 2013 at Horton Village Hall at 7.30pm


Members Present                       Councillor M Barnett

                                                       Councillor M Williams

Councillor A Glass

Councillor J Bowen

Councillor J Ellis

Councillor G Roberts


A journalist  from the Evening Post attended the meeting.

One member of the public was present for part of the meeting.

26/13                            Apologies for Absence.



Councillors wanted to note that they would be grateful if apologies were sent.


27/13                           Declarations of Interest.


Cllr G Roberts declared an interest in the item to be discussed under the RNLI planning due to be a member of the lifeboat crew.


28/13                           To confirm the minutes of the Meeting held 15th May 2013.


Amendment:   Item 20/13 Change Best kept garden to best kept village.


Cllr A Glass proposed that with the above amendment, the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting, seconded Cllr M Williams, carried unanimously.  


29/13                           Matters arising from the minutes.


Item 134/13

The Clerk had received a reply to the email query from OVW acknowledging receipt of letter, but had not received the response from Lyn Llewelyn. Clerk to chase                                                                               SC


Item 20/13

The Reynoldston Magazine were only showing Penrice as an area when mentioning the Best Kept Village Awards.  Clerk had advised the R Kirby so all areas were now listed.


Item 22/13

Awaiting the response from the CCS, to identify if the people who are staying in the caravans all year pay Council Tax.  Clerk to chase again.                                                                                                                 SC


Item 23/13

Craig-y-Don – The Chairman had received a reply from Steve Parry from the CCS and this was read to the Council.


A member of the public joined the meeting.


The Lighting problem that was raised previously at Cliffs View, Penrice had not received a response from the CCS Clerk to chase again.                                                                                                                         SC








29/13                           Matters arising from the minutes cont….


Pot holes – Reported that the Sanctuary and Penny Hitch had been done.  Cllr M Williams reported that the dangerous pot hole on the Marsh Road had been filled, but there was still a problem in Slade.  Horton Lane had been filled.  Also reported ; Oxwich to Penrice was very bad, by Bysouth Farm.


The Chair and members agreed that the repairs are just patch up work and that some of the areas need to be cut out and properly rectified.

A letter had been received from the CCS advising that they were working within financial constraints.


Following a discussion Council decided that Cllr A Glass to contact Nigel Fitzgerald of the CCS to discuss the problems of how the repairs are undertaken.                                                                                     AG



30/13                           Community Councils


1                      OVW – Notice of the AGM Conference to be held 5/10/13                                       Noted


2                      CCS Community Council’s Forum to be held 15th July 2012  at 5pm                       Noted



31/13                           Correspondence


1                The Tourism Company  - notice of meeting Oxwich Hall 4th July  2pm  Cllr MB and AG to attend


2                CCS – The creation of a public footpath from Horton Beach to PR 4 and PR 8, Horton as

previously advised.                                                                                                     Noted


3                      Wales  Rural Observatory Survey. Cllr M Barnett to complete.                                            MB


4                      CCS planning permission application no 2013/0453 - to allow occupation of chalets on Oxwich

Leisure Park for 10months- Approved


5          CCS planning permission application no 2013/0127 – To continue siting a serviced marquee

building for use all year as a venue for weddings and other functions, continue use of the car park

extension in association with the hotel business, construction of footpath and landscape planting.

                        Application has been approved.

                        The conditions were read to the meeting. Mr Williams from the floor advised members of the details

of the permission.  Council agreed that the permission with the conditions were broadly what the

PCC had thought acceptable to all.


6                      Swansea Local Access Forum invitation to potential members.                               Noted


7                      The Swansea Bay magazine.                                                                                     Noted


32/13                           Financial.


1                      Clerk salary                                                     424.15

2                      Internal Auditor                                                  50.00

3                      Zurich Insurance (tax)                                                  19.28


Cllr A Glass proposed to pay, seconded Cllr G Roberts, carried unanimously.

Cash at bank 9th May 2013  £11,582.67

32/13                           Financial cont…


Council reviewed the figures and considered all the items individually contained in Section 2 of the Annual Return and answered yes to the questions.  The form was duly completed at the meeting and signed by the Chairman and also the Clerk.


33/13                           Planning.


A          Application number 2013/0618  The Oxwich Bay Hotel Mr I Williams

                        Mr Williams from the floor was asked to explain the details of the application.  Following a

discussion Council felt that there were no safeguards required and therefore to support the

application. Proposed Cllr A Glass, seconded Cllr M Williams carried unanimously.


B          Application no 2013/0704 The Camping and Caravanning Club  Bank Farm, Horton

Caravan rally 18th July – 10th August 2014  160units

C         Application no 2013/0709 The Camping and Caravanning Club  Bank Farm, Horton

Caravan rally 23rd May-1st June 2014 160 units

D         Application no 2013/0713 The Camping and Caravanning Club Bank Farm, Horton

Caravan rally 24th-29th October 2014   60 units

E          Application no 2013/0711 The Camping and Caravanning Club Bank Farm, Horton

Caravan rally 18th -27th April 2014   60 units


Council wanted to submit the comment that there was no objection providing that the CCS were monitoring the total number of caravans in the Gower area at any one time and that the number would not be detrimental to the area.


F          Application no 2013/0683  Caravan Decking at Greenways Leisure Park

                        Resolved no objection.


34/13                           Verge Cutting by the CCS (Cllr M W)


Verges were being cut before the wild flowers have set seed.  Have the CCS got a policy on the time that this is cut?  Road safety is also relative as overgrown verges can cause problems to motorists not having adequate visibility.

Clerk to send a letter to ask the CCS about the policy for cutting the Gower verges.                      SC



35/13                           RNLI Lifeboat House Horton


·         RNLI – Planning permission has now been passed for an extension to the Boat House in Horton.


The land that currently belongs to the PCC and that is required by the Horton RNLI Lifeboat House has been identified as common land.

The land that is being requested for sale is owned by the PCC.  The RNLI own the existing Lifeboat Station.


Cllr G Roberts declared an interest and withdrew from the meeting due to being a member of the lifeboat crew.


Points considered;

A          Could the PCC retain ownership of the land and still allow the extension to be built. Council could not see benefit in retaining the ownership.




35/13                           RNLI Lifeboat House Horton cont….


B          Does the land have to be valued by the District Valuer?

C            As it has been identified as designated common land, the Welsh Assembly will need to be contacted, and by who.  Council felt that this should be done by the RNLI.

D         A nominal fee was considered for the land.

E          Were there any grazing rights on the land, Cllrs thought that this was not the case.


Following a discussion Council resolved;


Clerk to write and advise the RNLI that

An undertaking would be required from the RNLI to meet all legal and other expenses that would be

incurred by the PCC that would be generated due to a sale of land.

That it was not the intention of the PCC to expect a high value for the land.                                                           

The PCC are happy that the RNLI can do all that is necessary to take the common land registration removal to the Welsh Assembly Government.                                                                                                                       SC



36/13                           Councillors’ reports/questions.


1                      Public notices in general were not being removed after the events they advertise take place. Planning notices were the worst and were not being removed. Clerk to contact the CCS to advise and request that this is done.                                                                                                                             SC


2                      CCW – to attend the July meeting. Clerk to agenda.                                                                   AG/SC



37/13                           Public Questions relating to the agenda.  (limited to 10 minutes)




38/13                           Date and venue of next meeting.


17th July 2013 Oxwich and Penrice Community Hall






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