Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Penrice Community Council held
on Wednesday 15th May 2013 at Oxwich and Penrice Community Hall at 7.30pm


Members Present                       Councillor M Barnett

                                                       Councillor M Williams

Councillor A Glass

Councillor J Bowen

Councillor J Ellis


Approximately 4 members of the public were present at the meeting.

14/13                            Apologies for Absence.


Cllr T Methuen-Campbell


Council decided to suspend Standing Orders in order to alter the order of business to allow the presentation by the Swansea Tidal Lagoon Project to be held at this point of the meeting. Unanimous.


15/13                           Swansea Tidal Lagoon presentation and short film followed by question and

answer session Representatives present : Joanna Lane 

Full Information available on www.tidallagoonswanseabay.com

A short film was shown to the meeting followed by a Question and answer session, some of the points raised were ;

·         Swansea Bay 7 – 9 m tidal range.

·         10.5 mile long causeway

·         Would power 100,000 homes

·         Will require 650 million investment – being currently funded by some wealthy entrepreneurs.

·         This plan is to include a causeway that would be a tourist attraction to allow bikes, walkers and electric trains to pass over the top of it.

·         Also planned would be a visitor centre located on the wall.

·         A marine community farm to develop mussel numbers in the area as well as kelp.

·         A marine eco system regeneration programme would be introduced which could also be linked to education.

·         International sailing and triathlon courses would be created, which would allow Swansea to hold prestigious competitions etc.

·         Biodiversity would also benefit in the area of enclosed water.

·         It is hoped that local residents would have reduced cost power. Also a possible shareholder scheme.

·         Formal consultations will be completed by the end of June.

·         The planning application is hoped to be submitted by October.

·         The company Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay is part of parent company Tidal Lagoon Power.

·         Other sites are also being considered.

·         Would be the first man made tidal lagoon.

·         Would produce power for approx 16hrs per day.

·         Security would be in place and would not be accessible in inclement weather.

·         The new sewage plant outfall would be inside the lagoon and the company are working on this problem.

·         The sewage plant works that have already been completed in this area would probably be improved and the water quality would also be closely looked at.

·         The tide would not be held back.

·         Water sports in the area would have an exclusive zone.

·         Large expensive turbines were being considered approx 3m-7m’s.

·         A local environmental impact assessment is currently being completed and until this is satisfactory then planning permission will not be permitted.

·         Concern to local dolphins and seals being caught in the turbines.

·         Noise levels also being investigated.

Joanna Lane was thanked for the informative presentation.

16/13                           Declarations of Interest.




17/13                           To confirm the minutes of the Meeting held 17th April 2013.


Amendment:  Item  130/13 Apologies add Cllr M Barnett.


Amendment:   Item 134/13 to read….£500 Welsh Assembly Government money was to set up a website.  Cllr J Bowen reported that Councillors would have to decide if to claim up to £100 as an annual expense claim to cover personal expenses incurred during the course of any Council business.  It had been advised at the OVW area meeting that this decision was to be made at the PCC’s Annual meeting.


Cllr J Bowen proposed that with the above amendment, the minutes were a true and accurate record of accounts, seconded Cllr A Glass, carried unanimously.  


18/13                           Matters arising from the minutes.


Item 134/13

The Clerk advised an email had not been received from OVW or CCS or WAG relating to the up to £100 Councillor’s expenses.  Decided Clerk to chase from Lyn Llewellyn OVW.                                                 SC


19/13                           Community Councils




20/13                           Correspondence


1                      The Gower Society  -  Letter re Best Kept Garden         Formal entry 

Clerk to advise that the area should include Horton, Penrice, Oxwich and Oxwich Green.                                     SC


2                      The magazine The Voice                                                                                            noted


3                      Rural Development News                                                                                          noted



21/13                           Financial.


1                      CCS ( uncontested election fee)                    90.00

2                      L Bennett ( cutting Oxwich Green 2 yrs)       270.00  (2 cheques)

3                      One Voice Wales Annual Membership          96.00  (amended from last month)

4                      Clerk salary and expenses                             395.62


Cllr M Williams proposed to pay, seconded Cllr J Bowen, carried unanimously.


22/13                           Planning.


A          Application number 2013/0575  Caravan Rally for approx 40 caravans 26th July 14 – 9th Aug 14 

   at Bank Farm


Council decided to submit the comment that as long as the CCS are monitoring the total numbers of caravans in the Gower area at any one time and that this number is not detrimental to the area and the residents.



22/13                           Planning cont……..


B          Application no: 2013/0551   Mrs M Evans   Greenways Leisure Park, Oxwich  Caravan Decking.


Council decided that there was no objection.


C         Application no: 2013/0514   Mrs E James   Oxwich Leisure Park, Oxwich.

Extend the occupancy from 8months to 10months


Some Councillors were concerned that this will start to become affordable housing in the area and not holiday homes as they are at the present.


Following a brief discussion Cllr J Bowen proposed to submit no comment, seconded Cllr M Williams.  A vote was taken 3 voted in favour and 2 voted against, therefore it was resolved to submit a no comment to the CCS.


Following the concerns and discussions the Clerk to find out if any of the people who reside in the caravans/units pay Council Tax.                                                                                                                     SC


D         Application no: 2013/0522   RNLI    The Lifeboat Station , Horton

Single storey extension and alterations to the existing Lifeboat Station

(Please note this extension will be on land owned by the Penrice Community Council)


Clerk to write a letter to Mr Guscott to advise that this will be put on the agenda when planning permission has been passed.                                                                                                                                                SC


E          Application no: 2013/0656  Mr J Harford  Bysouth Farm, Penrice Oxwich

                        Variation of planning condition 01 – 2011/0393 granted on the 19th May 2006


Following a discussion, Council resolved to support this application.


23/13                           Councillors’ reports/questions.


The Atlantic Array Wind Farm proposals – Cllr M Barnett queried whether this should be an agenda item at the next meeting. Following a discussion it was felt that this had been on the agenda in previous meetings and that the Council could not properly represent the community accurately in formulating a response, therefore this would not be put on the agenda. 



Don.  The owners of Craig-Y-Don had completed work on the Tuckers’ land and rerouted the water course so that it did not pass his land, however this now meant that the water was impacting the Dorrans’ property and now passed through their garden instead.  An estimate for the cost of alteration work would be £3000.  Council resolved that the Chair to progress.                                                                                                       MB


Cllr M Williams queried if there had been a response to the lighting problem at Cliffs View, Penrice.  Clerk to chase.                                                                                                                                                                        SC


Cllr J Bowen advised that the AONB Steering Committee were looking for members.

Cllr M Williams proposed that Cllr J Bowen represent the PCC on this committee, seconded Cllr A Glass, carried unanimously.  Clerk to advise.                                                                                                                       SC


The problem of various pot holes was discussed and this is still a concern to Members.







24/13                           Public Questions relating to the agenda.  (limited to 10 minutes)




25/13                           Date and venue of next meeting.


19th June 13  Horton Village Hall






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